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It’s cool all ingredients are real food.
I have noticed super stable post-meal blood
Sugars, which make me a happy girl.
Due to COVID, I haven’t visit restaurant, So I loved this something I can make really Quickly at home where I know I’m safe.😌

- Triana R. Type 1 Diabetes

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At first I did not see a change, and struggled to get my sugars under 250. Then slowly but surely it dropped, and now I am under 200 constantly!

Type 2 Diabetes customer

Health never
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Make this a daily habit in order to see incredible
results within 2 weeks-3 months. Simply mix it
with water or your favorite milk and enjoy a rich
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Reduce blood sugar
levels by 48%

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We’ve been through it.

Teatis was born after my partner’s battle
with cancer. I was her primary caretaker and
throughout this experience, I realized how hard
it was to find accessible, nutritious food with
great taste. This started my Teatis journey.

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most
accessible diabetes platform. From meals to
health consultation to receipe content..
We know that diabetes affects your whole life,
and we want to be your trusted partner
throughout your health journey.