Changing Behavior Shouldn’t

24/7 immediate text-based coaching with compassionate diabetes care team.
Highly engaging programs drive up employee satisfaction and drive down medical costs.

We drive industry-leading engagement and outcomes.


1 out of 3 eligible employees will participate.


More than half of participants are weekly active users


HbA1c reduction in 3 months for average participant with type 2 diabetes

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We’ve been through it.

Teatis was born after my partner’s battle
with cancer. I was her primary caretaker and
throughout this experience, I realized how hard
it was to find accessible, nutritious food with
great taste. This started my Teatis journey.

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most
accessible diabetes platform. From meals to
health consultation to receipe content..
We know that diabetes affects your whole life,
and we want to be your trusted partner
throughout your health journey.