Fun & tasty diabetic
meals made just for you

1,000+ products. Delivered to your door.

How Product Works

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So we can give you the best
selection for patient's taste,
condition and preferences🔍

Select 15 Foods,
To Suit Your Patient’s Needs

We build a proprietary algorithm for recommended foods, supported by registered dietitians that classify over 10,000 patterns which are based on our customer’s medical requirements and taste preferences.

Box is Ready

We continue to listen to patients and learn what works best for patients over time📦

Program Highlights


We pay our partners when they send a visitor to our website, who then purchases a meal box. We track your sales via links and/or promo codes.


Dozens of partners Earn Over $5,000 Per Month within 3months.
This income is recurring.


We support your sales with a full time, dedicated program manager.

Our partners

Diana S. Lee, RD, MPA, MS

Master’s degree in nutrition from Teachers College

Jaime Ruisi, RD, CPT, MS

Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Oregon Health & Science University

Mike Maher, RD

Master’s degree in nutrition from Long Island NY

If you are a dietitian and are passionate about
improving diabetes nutrition and health,
please apply to become apart of our network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step by step guide

Check our step by step guide. here

Can I or my patient preview the box content before making an order?

Every orders from your patients will be fully customized by our system. Your patient can preview the items selected and Keep or Drop the items to be included in the box.

How much can I earn per box?

You will earn 20% of USD49.5 per box for each patients' orders i.e) Approximately $10 per order! For example, if you bring 100 customers, you earn $990 per month. Our average retention is over 6months. So this revenue is recurring.

How do you track my sales?

Please make sure that your patients use your promo code when making an order. Each promotion code has a unique identifier to track your sales.

How and when do I get paid?

We will pay via ACH every month.

Is there a way for me to get a sample box?

Yes! We can send over to you. Please request to us!