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Wellness Initiatives: Empowering people with diabetes and pre-diabetes and embracing a healthy lifestyle
Work From Home Perks: Bring the comfort office to the home of their remote
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How we analyze
your health & preference

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    Tell us about you

    We’ll find the best
    mix for your taste,
    condition and preferences


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    Al selection

    Let technology pinpoint
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    Dietitian judgment

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    Box is ready

    We listen and learn over time.


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“Happy to continue this tasty routine🏃‍♀️”

I have been searching for healthy snacks that won't spike my blood sugar...the ones I tried...tasted like cardboard...I was so happy when I opened my [Teatis] my amazement they were so good and did not feel guilty eating the snacks. And my blood sugar has been within range...You guys rock thanks.

Diane H. - Type 2 Diabetes customer


“Very tasty meals and easy”

At first I did not see a change, and struggled to get my sugars under 250. Then slowly but surely it dropped, and now I am under 200 constantly!

Dyrim H. - Type 2 Diabetes


“This product a great breakfast replacement”

love it! Everything has been really tasty and it's really comforting to be able to reach in for a snack or quick breakfast and not be stressing over carbs. Once I am done with this box I will definitely be getting the next!😌

Shaneta W. - Type 2 Diabetes customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription service?

Yes, we currently offer a subscription service only. Why? We believe in that we eat snacks far less personalized from it should be. Longer you stay with our service, our recommendation will be smarter to meet your taste preference and body needs.

Free shipping, returns & exchanges?

Yep—shipping, returns & exchanges are always free.

How do you find my snacks?

We learn from your style quiz and ongoing feedback to pinpoint the best items for your taste preferece and health requirment. Bonus: Our dietitian support your dietary.

Where is the contact address?

You can direct your questions to Feel free to ask anything. We provide 24 hour support!