[RECIPES] Vegan Turmeric-Ginger Rice

[RECIPES] Vegan Turmeric-Ginger Rice

Vegan Turmeric-Ginger Rice Recipe

Jill de Jong 
Head of Health coach

Turmeric, ginger and Arame is the superfood combination that CALM offers. Did you know that the powder can be used for cooking too?

Be adventurous, add a fun color, turmeric ginger flavor and health benefits to your rice dish.


  • 1 cup Jasmine brown rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tsp Teatis Tea CALM powder
  • Salt


Add 1 tsp CALM powder when cooking the rice. (Brown rice usually takes 40-50 min.) You don't have to put it in right away, you can wait 30 min and mix it in when there’s still a little water left. 

Stir well; it will add a beautiful yellow color to the rice which resembles Spanish Paella rice.

Sprinkle with a little bit of salt; it makes the flavors come out a little more.

Green beans, mushroom and a boiled egg pair well with the CALM turmeric and ginger flavor. You can play around with the veggies you have in your fridge. 

Have you ever heard of the term Buddha bowl?

A Buddha bowl is a vegetarian meal, served on a single bowl or high-rimmed plate, which consists of small portions of several foods,. ( served hot or cold) These may include whole grains such as quinoa or brown rice, plant proteins such as chickpeas or tofu, and vegetables. 

Other ways to get your protein? Salmon and scallops also work well with this delicious rice base! 

And before you devour your meal, take a picture and share it with us ☺ @teatistea

Arame seaweed is what makes our tea blends unique.Enjoy the health benefits it provides!

Teatis Tea contains 500mg Extracted Arame seaweed in every cup. Seaweed polyphenols are reported to effectively block fat and sugar absorption and lower blood sugar levels in clinical studies. Enjoy perfect golden milk or macha latte with Teatis Tea CALM&AWAKE blend. Vibrant you!