Surprising Facts on Animals

Surprising Facts on Animals

Surprising Facts on Animals

Yuko Miyamoto
Founder of Teatis Tea

Did you know that some animals are surprisingly unhealthy?

Compared to humans, animals look much healthier. However, in fact, from a biological and medical point of view, some interesting findings have been revealed. 

In reality, they are unexpectedly UNHEALTHY!

Let's introduce some cases of surprisingly unhealthy animals!

Cats/Dogs with diabetes🐱🐶

Diabetes is also increasing among pets!

Owners need to be careful.

And even more serious is diabetes associated with obesity. Why pet cats become obese? The reason is that intake calories are more than calories consumed. Unlike humans, pets cannot report subjective symptoms such as "Today I feel dull."

Therefore, if diabetes progresses without noticing by owners and causes complications, it may lead to death… That’s too sad.

Not only humans but pets should have their blood sugar levels measured regularly.

Here are fun facts, for examples,

Giraffes are "high blood pressure"🦒

Giraffe is high blood pressure, without exception.

Human’s ideal blood pressure is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg, but giraffe's about 200 to 300mmHg!

The cause is the length of their neck. In the case of the adult male giraffes, they can reach more than 8.2 feet! If they want to send blood to the end of this long neck, they naturally need extraordinary blood pressure.

Elephants are "insomnia"🐘

How many hours of the day do you think an elephant sleeps? Actually... at most 2 hours!

The elephant cannot sleep long peacefully because of its huge body. When an elephant is lying down for a long time, the internal organs are oppressed, and they feel pain ache.

Therefore, all elephants are "insomnia" (comparing with human indicators!).

Monkeys get hay fever!? 🐵

Getting hay fever is often said to be unique to humans.

However, there is one exception. It's monkeys who have come out to a village looking for food.

Wild monkeys who live in the forest whole their life never get hay fever, but monkeys who come down to the human living area and steal the vegetables from the field, and monkeys who kept by humans sometimes get hay fever.

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