6 Main Risks of Skipping Breakfast

6 Main Risks of Skipping Breakfast

6 Main Risks of Skipping Breakfast

Are you good at waking up in the morning? This article is a good reason to be a morning person.

1. Cardiovascular Risks

According to research in JAMAICA, people who skip breakfast have 27% more risk of getting heart disease. The risk is nit higher, but having regular breakfasts can significantly lower the risk of heart attacks. People who miss breakfast are also having higher risks of hypertension and CVD.

2. Higher Diabetic Risks

People who have a habit of skipping meals especially breakfast have a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes than those who havre regular breakfast. Even worse, who skip morning meals have higher risks of getting biabetes.

3. Weight Gain

Skipping breakfast makes you gain more weight and obese, as skipping meals in the morning urge you to have more sugary and fatty foods during the day. Moreover, as your hunger pangs may be intense, you end up having much larger meals during the day than what is needed. 

4. Risk of Cancer

Skipping breakfast can make you indulge in more food throughout the day. This in turn makes you obese and overweight throughout the day. And according to research conducted by cancer research UK, it is found that a person who is overweight or obese has an increased risk of developing cancer.

5. Migraine Causing

Skipping breakfast can cause decreased blood sugar levels in your body, called hypoglycemia.  Skipping meals trigger a massive drop in blood sugar. Increased blood pressure levels triggering migraines, and headaches.

6. Hair Loss

A major side effect of skipping meals is hair loss. Yes, a meal that contains low levels of proteins could affect the levels of keratin, averting growth, and triggering hair loss.

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