6 Must-Try CGM Tapes

[Diabetes Gadgets] 6 Must-Try CGM Tapes

6 Must-Try CGM Tapes

Yuko Miyamoto
Founder of Teatis Tea

These are cool, functional, and will make you happier.😁

Do you use any CGM systems? @dexcom? @freestylediabetes? @medtronicdiabetes? @MyOmnipod ? or another one?

As you already know, CGM means Continuous Glucose Monitoring and it helps to track glucose levels throughout the day and night and can alert you if your levels go too high or low.

We found some awesome medical tapes on CGM devices. 

Expression Med Tape

The patterns of their tape are so pretty! You may think about one tape for every outfit you have.😂

Right now, they are limited to Dexcom cut-outs.

Grif Grips

Grif Grips was started by the parents of a boy who was diagnosed with T1D when he was 9 years old, which gives this product a lot more depth. They have various types: colorful, patterns, designed. Their tapes are for the major CGM brand like Libre, Dexcom, Eversense, and Medtronic. 

Pump Peelz

They have colorful, bright, and happy designed tapes, but also stickers for the device such as Tandem, Dexcom Transmitter, and MiniMed Insulin Pump Skin.

StayPut™ / Simpatch / D Patch 

Their tapes are very simple, no patterns or designs, just straight to the point.

D Patch has more variety in colors than the rest of 2. The colors are bright. 

StayPut™ and Simpatch, these 2 brands are accessible, relatively easy to get. 


They have cut out types and also no-cut out ones. 

If you choose no-cut out type, you can have the option to cut your own cut out for your sensor or just leave it to fully cover your CGM device.

If you are creative to cut out anything fun, you can do a lot with these blank canvases.

Gentle Advice

If you consider a purchase, you can ask samples through their website. (as long as I checked!)

The points to think about are the brand’s design, cost, and mission. And also you have to check the functions like

  • How long the tape will last? 
  • Is it kind to your skin? Hypoallergenic or not? 
  • What is the material? Enough breathable? Water-resistance? 
  • Is it getting the tape ready and putting it on isn’t difficult? 
  • Does the tape peel off smoothly? Does it leave a rash or residue? 

The priority could be depending on your lifestyle. 

I’d say if you were extremely active, say you like surfing or hiking through the mountains, a sturdy tape must be perfect.😊 

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