Meet: Yishi

Inspired by our founder’s Chinese heritage and love of Chinese cuisine, Yishi oatmeal turns any meal or snack into a moment of pure, unsullied reflectional sustenance. Using meaningful ingredients that produce healthy, purposeful functions, this is oatmeal that helps you glow, focus, energize, and relax from the inside out. We selected their bubble tea and sesame oatmeal on our box. Our team is surprised about very convenient but authentic Chinese oatmeal. Can't wait your try!


Dietitian's comment💁‍♀️

This product contains 6 grams of fiber & 5 grams of protein w/ nutrient dense ingredients like hemp, flax, chia seeds & health promoting antioxidants. High fiber, high protein promote satiety (feeling full) and will slow down the digestive process which should help keeping blood sugar controlled.


Brand information📝

Brand : Yishi
Flavor : Toasted Black Sesame / Taro Bubble Tea /Matcha Latte /Sweet Osmanthus /Red Bean Berry

Delightful food for diabetes.

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