Upside Down Bakery

Upside Down Bakery

Meet: Upside Down Bakery

Upside Down Bakery is flipping baking on its head, said Blome, who co-founded Upside Down Bakery. They are making traditional high-sugar, high-carb products that taste good, and taking away the sugar and high-carb aspect while maintaining that same taste. We selected their blueberry muffin on our box. Our team is surprised about this very flesh taste even though this's 3g net carbs. Can't wait your try!


Dietitian's comment💁‍♀️

This meal replacement is a high protein, low carbohydrate breakfast. It also contains healthy fats that promote fullness and heart health.


Brand information📝

Brand : Upside Down Bakery
Flavor : Blueberry / Buttermilk Maple Pancake / Double fudge brownie

Delightful food for diabetes.

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