Meet: Protos

Protos is a new savory crisp brand that shares grain-free baked snacks made with legumes, pea protein and starches like tapioca and potato. With 90 calories per serving, the crunchy snacks satisfy by being powered by plant protein. Their chips are a crunchy savoury snack full of goodness. They make a healthy alternative to potato chips. Can't wait your try!


Dietitian's comment💁‍♀️

This snack is a good source of fiber & protein, both of which make it a filling snack & a snack that promotes weight management based on it being less than 100 calories per serving!


Brand information📝

Brand : Protos
Flavor : Sour Cream / Onion, Summer Barbeque / Simply Salted

Delightful food for diabetes.

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