Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch

Meet: Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch is a better-for-you cereal brand that could be equated to “healthy version” Cocoa Puffs. Hailed as a breakthrough in cereal science, Catalina Crunch has that same “light and crunchy” texture and delicious sweet taste that we all grew to love in our favorite childhood cereals—but, with none of the bad ingredients—and it’s low in carbs. In addition to an exciting brand, Krishna also has an incredible story behind his product, including his health journey with Type 1 Diabetes. Their cereal is great nutritional balance but don't compromise taste. It's surprisingly crunchy. Can't wait your try!


Dietitian's comment💁‍♀️

This cereal provides a filling combination of fiber & protein while being only 110 calories per serving. The Low carbohydrate nature of it, paired with its fiber & protein will also work to keep blood sugar within normal limits.


Brand information📝

Brand : Catalina Crunch
Flavor : Dark Chocolate /Cinnamon Toast / Maple Waffle / Honey Graham / Chocolate Banana / Mint Chocolate Chip

Delightful food for diabetes.

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