How to manage your meal preparation time when you have diabetes. 5 tips and a recommendation for alternatives.

How to Manage Your Meal Preparation Time When You Have Diabetes

How to manage your meal preparation time when you have diabetes

Managing diabetes is one of the hardest jobs. Among the daily tasks, meal-related jobs are also time consuming.

Here you can see 5 tips for smart meal planning and a good alternative that can save your time.

“Diabetes is a full-time job 24/7 with no day off”😣

You may have heard this before. Yes, managing diabetes is one of the hardest job, an around the clock job, no vacations.  

In addition to taking glucose lowering tablets and checking blood pressure and glucose levels every 2 days, preventive measures such as foot and oral care and daily exercises are also common tasks for most people with diabetes.  Not only the patients, but also their families, and health care providers are aware of this time burden. 

Fact: How much time on average? ⏰

According to the survey, adults with diabetes type 2 require 234 minutes(∼4 hours) for routine, daily diabetes self-management. It includes SMBG, record-keeping, taking medications, foot care, oral care, problem-solving, obtaining supplies and the total time for all recommended components of daily self-care, including exercise. 

Looking at a breakdown, 98 minutes were required for routine meal planning, shopping for food, and preparing food. Speaking to meal related things, they need not only time but also cooking skills to complete the task. It’s a long long way.

Building a good diabetes meal plan🗒

With today's busy schedules, it's hard for everybody -- not just those with diabetes -- to find enough time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. 

Generally speaking, the best sources of carbohydrates for someone with diabetes are fiber-rich sources from whole foods, which can help improve glucose control. These include fruits, vegetables, fat-free or low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Limit sugar and refined grains, like white bread and pasta.

Here are 5 tips for meal planning.  

  1. Consult with a registered dietitian about your diet. (search for one near you at ) Your primary doctor to figure out how many carbohydrates you should eat per meal based on your individual needs. And ask him or her to teach you how to read food labels so that you can evaluate convenience foods to make sure they're not too high in carbohydrates, salt, or fat. 
  2. Keep the right foods on hand. keep whole-grain breads, cereal, milk, vegetables and fruit well-stocked in your home. It’s important to keep these basic ingredients within your reach. 
  3. Find easy, diabetes-friendly recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. You can search for diabetes-friendly recipes and can also check our recipes.  
  4. Buy bagged broccoli, bagged lettuce, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes to cut down on chopping and preparation time.  
  5. Stock your pantry with commonly used ingredients, such as low-sodium broth, whole-grain pastas, and lentils.

Having an option for a healthy meal: Meal Replacements🥤

We also recommend looking for a meal replacement that fits you. 

Imagine that you are crazy busy, or too tired. Can you go shopping at the organic market after working late? Can you prepare a balanced and healthy breakfast every single day?😂 

For most people, the ideal lifestyle is healthy, stressless and no rush days. However, in reality we struggle with the gap. Sometimes an easy option for a healthy meal, a meal replacement will be a hero for you to make time for other tasks. 

Meal replacement takes a few minutes to prepare.  After a well-balanced nutrition from a shake or bar, you just throw the package or wash the bottle and the spoon which scooped the powder.   

Good-start Cacao is a meal replacement supervised by doctors and especially made for people with diabetes. 

Delicious chocolate flavor shake with natural ingredients clinically proven to support lowering blood sugar levels. It requires only 30 seconds to prep. 

Having this alternative will be helpful and it will be much better than eating only a banana for a crazy busy morning or greasy BLT burger and fried potato for lunch.🍌🍔🙅‍♀️

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