How to Fight Sugar Cravings

How to Fight Sugar Cravings

How to Fight Sugar Cravings

Yuko Miyamoto
Founder of Teatis Tea

 Just try one of these tactics! 

Resisting the urge to eat an entire chocolate bar when you’re stressed/tired/emotional may be almost impossible. Don't blame you!

Sugar craving is extreme in many people, especially among women. According to a study,  approximately 97% of women or 68% of men have some craving, especially sugar craving. Another data shows that about 11% of the general population meets the criteria for food addiction. Because it's so palatable, sugar is one of the more common things humans crave. 

What is it?

A SUGAR CRAVING is an intense desire to consume sugar or specific foods that are high in sugar and is different from normal hunger. It may or may not be related to a specific need, that is the desire to consume particular nutrients.

Why we crave sugar?

Sugar is seen to cause addictive effects on your brain, just like any other drug. 

Sudden withdrawal of sugar may also cause withdrawal symptoms, like fatigue, headache, and  tiredness. Some areas in our brain play a significant role in sugar craving. The horseshoe-shaped hippocampus, located in your temporal lobe, is responsible for making short-term and long-term memories and plays a substantial role in reward-seeking behavior. It remembers the taste of a sweet thing you eat once and makes you want it more often. 

Although the brain may be the leading cause in your sugar craving habits, certain food habits also play a part in sugar craving. One main culprit towards it is low protein intake. 

Moreover, your sleep habits may also be contributing to your sugar cravings. Sweets also  taste good. And that preference gets reinforced by rewarding ourselves with sweet treats. With all that going for it, why wouldn’t we crave sugar? 

How to control sugar craving?

There may be many approaches to fight and curb sugar craving,

Give in a little

Although you are craving, eat a little of what you are craving, try to fulfill your desire of wanting it with as little as possible and maintain it within the calorie limit. 

Cut it at once

To some people cutting all sugar at once may make them want it less, although the first 48 to 72 hours may be difficult. Others believe that such attempts of cutting sugar occasionally make them like that specific sugarless. 

Giving up sugar too quickly can also cause traditional withdrawal symptoms. In animal studies, rats that had been fed a steady diet of sugar water exhibited signs of depression, anxiety, and lethargy when the sweet water was removed. Step by step, giving up things every few weeks might work as well. 

Combine foods

You can combine foods and lessen the effect of sugar, for example, if you are passing by a shop and having a craving to eat chocolate; you can minimize it by combining healthy food with it, like a banana and chocolate. 

Grab some gum

If you want to give in to craving sugar, this little trick may be much helpful. 

Go for fruits

Instead of going for snacks, chocolates, and sugary items, you can choose to go for fruits, which will be satisfying your craving for sugar to some extent and are also healthy for your body, as they contain many nutrients and vitamins. 

Eat regularly

You must make a habit of eating regularly, and take your meals at specific times. Because when you are full and satisfied, you have less craving to eat something more, even sugar. 

Eat proteins and fats

Incorporate more proteins or fats into your diet. Avoid snacks/meals that are made up of  all carbohydrates. 

Sleep well

Get sufficient, better quality, and consistent sleep. Be diligent about going to bed and  waking up at the same time each day. 

Seek serotonin

Try to meet your serotonin desires from other sources. Try green tea, walnuts, eggs,  cheese, or increase your exercise routine to boost your serotonin levels. 

Alternatives to Sugar:

There are alternatives to sugar with lower calories that you can try to satisfy your sweet  tooth, 

  • Stevia is a natural sweetener that’s extracted from the leaves of a shrub scientifically known as Stevia rebaudiana.
  • Xylitol is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness similar to that of sugar. It is present in many fruits and vegetables. 
  • Erythritol is also sugar alcohol with even fewer calories. 
  • Yacon syrup, extracted from yacon fruit is also an example. 
  • Some other examples of natural sweeteners may include, honey, maple syrup,  coconut sugar, etc. 

Why don't you try one or two?

Hopefully, you can prevent yourself from diving face-first into the office candy jar.

*Make sure to check with your doctor before changing eating habits, or trying new supplements. 

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