AWAKE versus Matcha

AWAKE versus Matcha

AWAKE versus Matcha

Jill de Jong 
Head of Health coach

Matcha is a high quality green tea, one of the unique flavors of Japan. Over the past few years Matcha has received a lot of attention and it looks like Matcha is here to stay; companies like The Coffee Bean and Starbucks are selling it and Matcha bars are popping up in health pionering states like California. American’s love their caffeine and now there is a greener way to get a fix.

 Thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine the release of caffeine is slowed down and therefor you don’t get the jitters or enery crash. A calm alertness is the best way to describe the Matcha buzz.

Matcha is believed to be among the highest ranking “rich in antioxidant” superfood A cup of matcha contains ten times the antioxidants of a regular cup of green tea. So yes the Matcha madness is here for a good reason. Who doesn't want to enjoy a delicious latte while reaping the health benefits every sip of the way.

So how does Teatis Tea’s AWAKE powder compare to Matcha?

Teatis Tea is the first tea company to introduce a matcha peppermint mix infused with arame (brown seaweed) . They successfully extracted the nutrients to make sure the seaweed smell and flavor is gone. This delicious combo has terrific health benefits; additional antioxidants, naturally detoxifies the body and can support the nervous system to reduces stress.

 So not only do you get the Matcha benefits but also the arame’s. And the hint of peppermint gives it a nice twist.   

Buying latte’s at fancy tea/coffee shops can get pretty pricey, you’ll save money making your Teatis Tea latte’s at home.

Gift yourself a bamboo matcha whisk for the ultimate experience. The whish helps to dissovle the powder and make it a frothy beverage, a ritual that is used for centuries in Japan. A regular whisk will do the job too, and if you love foam and rather push a button; get a milk frother ☺ 

Let’s Matcha!

A Tasty habit for you!

Teatis Tea contains 500mg extracted Arame seaweed in every cup. 

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