The Science Behind Teatis Tea's Suppress Hyperglycemia

The Science Behind Teatis Tea's Suppress Hyperglycemia

The Science Behind Teatis Tea's Suppress Hyperglycemia

Yuko Miyamoto
Founder of Teatis Tea

The suppressive effects of Arame seaweed on hyperglycemia

Research by Dr. Hara and others in 2007 showed “Arame seaweed has a suppressive effect on hyperglycemia.” The results of these studies show that Arame seaweed extract, inhibits α- glucosidase activity, which is associated with hyperglycemia. This inhibition increased with a higher concentration of Arame seaweed extract and at 0.3mg/ml or greater, a comparable effect to Acarbose (a hypoglycemic agent) was observed.

Physiological functions of Arame seaweed extract

Observing several factors, Dr. Hara and his team have focused on the physiological functions of the Arame seaweed extract that show inhibition of α- glucosidase activity. To start with, α-glucosidase is an enzyme which breaks down disaccharides such as maltose into monosaccharides such as glucose. While glucose is absorbed in the small intestine and leads directly to hyperglycemia, polysaccharides such as disaccharides are not directly absorbed. In other words, it is suggested that inhabiting α-glucosidase activity suppresses hyperglycemia. The component responsible for α-glucosidase inhibitory activity is presumed to be "phlorotannin," which is a functional polyphenol contained in brown algae, including Arame seaweed extract, and found specifically in Arame seaweed.

Possibility of Arame seaweed as a new functional element 

The full picture of active substances in Arame seaweed extract is yet to be determined, and a new functionality may be discovered through additional research. However, based on what we know now, Arame seaweed extract has the ability to inhibit pancreatic lipase and is also recognized as an inhibitor of α-glucosidase activity. It is suggested that it is a unique functional element which can restrict daily calories by inhibiting digestion as well as absorbing not only sugar but also fat.


References: T.Hara, et al., 2007, Effect of Seametaherbline on Blood Glucose Levels in Sucrose-loaded Rats, Food Function Jpn, 3 (2), p1-6.

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